Nurture Live Tour Visuals

Project Description
Worked alongside Porter Robinson and his team to create Nurture Live, an audiovisual performance representing his sophomore album, “Nurture”. This performance features multiple large LED walls, lighting, and pyrotechnics. Porter Robinson performs using multiple instruments and the show includes surprises and audience interaction.

Following the release of Nurture and the debut of Nurture Live, Porter Robinson announced his in-person Second Sky Festival would be returning to Oakland, CA. The same team of artists including myself were called back to extend and improve the live show, and the first in-person Nurture Live performance happened at Second Sky Festival 2021.

Nurture Live has toured internationally with 50+ stops, and a version of the show was performed on Coachella Main Stage in 2023.
Porter Robinson
Slush Management
Porter Robinson - Creative Director
Samuel Burgess-Johnson - Art Director
David Aguado - Illustrator
Mike O’Brien - Director & Editor
Ryan Sciaino f.k.a. Ghostdad - Animation Leader & VJ
Gavin Bendt - Animation
Shinichiro Fujita - Animation & VJ
Rayce Stipanovich - Animation
Will Cecil - Animation
Adam Petke - Animation
Brian Tsui - Animation
Invisible Light Network - Animation
Picnic Studio - Animation
Noah Major - Animation
Jie Liohu - Animation
Ben Coker - Lighting Director & Programming
Robert Dugan - Tour Director
Zach Snyder - Production Manager
Rayce Stipanovich - Audio Engineering & Recording

Slush Management:
Samuel Lauria
Neal O’Connor
Curtis Toyota
Aaron Greene
Amar Pathak

Nancy D Huynh (photo)
Yasi (photo)
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