Second Sky Festival '21

Project Description
Second Sky Festival is Porter Robinson’s curated music festival in Berkeley, CA. Slush Management, in collaboration with Goldenvoice and B Morrow Productions, commissioned many different elements from me. Deliverables ranged from signage graphics to live stream animations.

This festival was a fantastic collaboration of music and themed entertainment, featuring large physical installations and themed storytelling throughout the two-day experience. Over 40,000 guests attended the two-day weekend event.
Slush Management
B Morrow Productions
I was not provided a full credits list from Goldenvoice, or B Morrow Productions.

BenchMob - Production & Management
Mike O’Brien - Director

B Morrow Productions - Creative Direction

Slush Management:
Samuel Lauria
Neal O’Connor
Curtis Toyota
Aaron Greene
Amar Pathak
A photo of statue props and guests at Second Sky Festival 2021
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