Xbox 20th Anniversary Museum

Project Description
One of the hallmark projects of my time working at Active Theory was the Xbox 20th Anniversary Museum. Users can explore together with real-time avatars, learn about the history of Xbox and generate their own personal museum using Microsoft account data.

My work primarily consisted of designing and staging 3D assets within the Halo environment. The map resembles Blood Gulch, an iconic map of the Halo franchise.

We developed the 3D interactive website using Active Theory’s proprietary tools, which helped to improve my programming and asset optimization skills. In order to meet the performance requirements, we would run special shaders and templates to reduce file sizes while retaining a high quality.
Active Theory
Creative Director - Andy Thelander
Design Director - Sean Hobman
Senior Dreamwave Designer - Aaron Kim
Senior Art Director & 3D/Motion Designer - Thieb Delaporte-Richard
Design Lead - Isaac Garcia
3D Artist - Mo Elkholti
Technical Director - Mike Chang
Interactive Director - Michael Anthony
Technical Artist - Michael Sungaila
Front End Developer - Luis Henrique Bizarro
Front End Developer - Jonatas Santos
Junior Front End Developer - Andrew Alva
Junior Back End Developer - Kazi Jawad
Senior Producer - Kate Blair
Senior Producer - Matt Murkidjanian
Strategist - Eddie Benson
Director of Client Services - Cassie Jackson

Active Theory (video)
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